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Moss Hagg Farm

Campsite & Cottages

The "Richards of Newport" Living van is fairly rare for a Contractors Living van.

Richards of Newport were a very large road making/ contacting Company in the early 1930's.

They were brought out by Eddison and all of their plant was recalled to the Richards Yard at Newport for a stock check. There was a huge fire that destroyed 95% of the contents of the yard and basically the only survivors were those that were still returning to the yard. This Van is one of the lucky escapees. 


The van's interior is very original, although we have added a modern fire/range and built a replacement bench and table, Apart from that you are living as road Contractors would, including open fire outside and a lit stove inside.

We have additional modern facilities on site including wash room and toilets for your convenience.

The van is very cosy, I stay in it when I go to some steam rallies. It is a 2 person unit with double bed, a child can also sleep on the floor as they would have in its working days.

It is available for rent including the first basket of fuel.

Come and try it out, I think you will be surprised by its comfort.

Contact us for price and availability.